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NHL Weekly Power Rankings – February 28, 2013

by Ray Kuhn For the most part we have a boring week of rankings as teams are stabilizing.  There is not as much movement, at least at the top, as weeks before.  However, that doesn’t mean there weren’t teams that … Continue reading

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Ranking The Yankees’ Top 5 In House Candidates To Replace Curtis Granderson

If this were the Yankees of five years ago, they likely would’ve already imported a superstar to replace the injured Curtis Granderson. That doesn’t appear to be how the team currently operates, however. While they could go out and make an … Continue reading

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Ranking The NBA Trade Deadline Winners

by Joel Gibson The trade deadline has come and gone.  To the disappointment of many, the majority of potential trades fell through and the outlook for most teams remained unchanged post-deadline (despite this trade season had seemingly a new potential … Continue reading

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Top 5 NHL Forwards 23-Years Old Or Younger

by Ray Kuhn Youth is served.  With the shortened schedule, it a quick recovery between games is more important than during a normal season.  The lockout brought a lot of positive momentum to a halt, but there are a lot … Continue reading

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2013 Composite Prospect Rankings: Boston Red Sox

Our composite rankings take into account Top 10 expert rankings from eight of the best sites on the web. A player is awarded 10 points for being ranked first, 9 points for being ranked second, etc. Since not all sites … Continue reading

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English Premier League Weekly Power Rankings – February 26, 2013

by Darcy Porter Let’s take a look at our current English Premier League Power Rankings: Ranking Team (Previous Ranking) Notes (Latest EPL Result) 1) Manchester United (1) Rafael said 39-year-old Ryan Giggs “is such a good player it is   … Continue reading

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Ranking The Preseason Top 5 Outfields In MLB

There are some extremely impressive outfields in Major League Baseball as we head into 2013, most of which were improved over the offseason.  So which is currently the best?  Let’s take a look: 5) Cincinnati Reds Starting Three: Jay Bruce, … Continue reading

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March Madness: Top 5 NCAA Games For February 25 – March 3 With Tournament Implications

by Will Overton It’ll be March by the end of the week, which means the NCAA Tournament is right around the corner. Let the madness begin! At this point in the season every game matters and there isn’t much better … Continue reading

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WWE Weekly Power Rankings – February 24, 2013

by Joshua Harris Welcome to another edition of WWE Weekly Power Rankings! This week, let’s say our theme is “Better Together.” Yeah, let’s say that. Just Missed the Cut – Daniel Bryan Last Week’s Ranking: #10 How He Got Here: … Continue reading

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Top 5 Switch Hitters in Major League Baseball History

Eddie Murray hit 504 HR over the course of his career, leaving him second among switch hitters.  However, that obviously doesn’t mean he’s the second best switch hitter in the history of the sport.  As he turns 57 today, now … Continue reading

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