Top Five Super Bowl Musical Moments

by Ryan Lester of

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5) Prince (Super Bowl XLI)
Prince’s rendition of Purple Rain was brilliant. The fact that it was actually raining during the performance only adds to the allure. There was a little controversy sprinkled in as some complained that the shadow of Prince with his guitar was a little too phallic.

4) Michael Jackson (Super Bowl XXVII)
The King of Pop made the Halftime Show an experience as the ratings increased for Michael’s performance. Billie Jean and Black or White were two of the songs performed.

3) Janet Jackson’s Overexposure (Super Bowl XXXVIII)
I hardly remember Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake’s performance, but her “wardrobe malfunction” is ingrained in my memory. Nothing like an exposed breast and some controversy to generate a buzz.

2) U2’s 9/11 Tribute (Super Bowl XXXVI)
To me the message earns the high ranking more so than the music. The names of the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks scrolled on a screen as U2 performed. Not everybody likes U2, but you couldn’t help but feel touched by the tribute.

1) Whitney Houston’s National Anthem (Super Bowl XXV)
Back before her life spiraled out of control, Whitney Houston was America’s Sweetheart. Her stirring performance of the Star Spangled Banner helped rally a country in support of the troops in the Gulf War. Her performance was arguably the greatest rendition of the National Anthem ever recorded.

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